There is a Season

I am an avid downhill skier and news junkie.  I follow politics and the economy, not because I like politics, but because I am interested in “the issues” that affects us all.  The same issues that politicians and parties don’t seem to be addressing very well these days.

As a native Midwesterner, self-exiled in Vermont (a Michigander-Flatlander), I consider myself a political moderate; a square peg that doesn’t fit exactly into either major political party.  After the 2006 Election, I had an “aha” moment, a path through the forest, the ski trail between our divided political parties (as in Jesse Ventura’s 2012 book).

The idea for this blog originated in November 2006, in my letter to the editor of the Rutland Herald (A skier’s View of Politics).  It was just after the mid-term election that gave control of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to the Democrats.  While I was very glad to see the end of one-party rule in Washington, DC, I was also extremely glad the election and negative ads were over (at least for 2 years).  I was really looking forward to a new ski season in Vermont.

My first ski trip to Vermont at Stowe, in December 1981.

Turn, Turn, Turn, …

When you ski, you go back and forth, left-right-left-right … (or vice versa, if you prefer).  That is the best way to get down the hill safely.  Ski The Middle, while continuing to turn back and forth, right-left-right-left, … enjoying the ride.  Enjoying both sides of the trail or slope, but not getting attached to one side or the other.

Presidents and politicians don’t come to Vermont very often.  They always seem to go across the Connecticut River to New Hampshire.  Perhaps these politicians should come to Vermont and learn to ski.  If they don’t turn both right and left, back and forth, most likely they will fall down, if not injure themselves or others.  If they still choose to cling to the “ideological” left or right of the ski trail, they might have a close encounter with a conifer.

Whether you consider yourself left or right, liberal or conservative, libertarian or progressive, if you want to get down the next run safely, consider turning in both directions, back and forth.  It doesn’t mean you have to be in the boring middle.  It means you can take the best of both sides of the ski trail.  Consider the best ideas from both sides, and jettison the extremely bad ideas along the ideological trail edge (perilously close to the conifers).

Starting a new blog is like taking a ride up the chairlift, to begin a new journey.  Today, lift tickets cost at least $80 for a day.  Thank you WordPress.com for hosting this FREE blog.

Take a ride up the chairlift and Ski the Middle!

Ron Pulcer

p.s. I am again glad that the Election is over, and Ski Season has begun!


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